elizabeth bay apartment





The apartment overlooking Elizabeth Bay, was an exercise in flexibility, resulting in a simple and efficiently planned apartment. The design utilizes double-acting pivoting doors which enable a lazy day bed to be converted into a private guest room, and a small vestibule to the bathroom can be  closed off or opened up with a double-acting laundry door. Joinery blades between the bathrooms conceal two study desks, storage, AV equipment and a pocket slider to close off the master bedroom.

The challenge of the project was to create a contemporary living space within a 50s style, 80sqm apartment for a couple, while also providing a place to sleep and study part-time for their teenage children and respective partners. The focus centered on flexibility and economy of space while maintaining a free-flowing, light-filled interior that takes advantage of views to the north and east. The building's grid prescribes a rhythm of three rooms of equal size along the eastern wall with the northern most room opening into the kitchen, dining and entry to form the living space.